Can combo birth control pills actually cause pre-diabetes to display itself? — 1 Comment

  1. The combo pill “rarely” causes any change in blood glucose, according to I wouldn’t worry about that. What I would worry about is your weight, diet, and overall health. If you want to keep your blood sugar down, it’s a relatively simple matter of healthy diet and exercise. With diabetes running in the family (as it did in mine) you would be well advised to treat yourself as if you were diabetic. This will minimize any chance that you will ever have to deal with it. I was given this same opportunity that I’m giving you 10 years ago and didn’t heed it. Today, I’m diabetic. You are becoming diabetic, so this would be a great time to change your entire lifestyle. Read my diabetes info page for more:
    See my recent HbA1C (long term blood sugar) and note that it is in the non-diabetic region

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