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  1. Ok. First of all I don’t know what drug You are on, but Most probably it’ll be Metformin, a drug that reduces your insulin resistance. Your body has way too much insulin because your body is becoming “resistant” to insulin. In order to function normally (i.e. sugar getting into our cells for fuel) our body counters this resistance by producing more and more insulin. But sooner or later your pancreas will be exhausted, and it will stop producing enough insulin one day-thus making you a Type II diabetic. This resistance is acquired through a sedentary lifestyle and obesity.

    Secondly, Losing the extra pounds is good, but NOT IN THE WAY YOU MENTIONED! Weight loss should be gradual to help us maintain the “lost” weight. Nothing drastic should be done as it can bring harm to our health. The best thing for you now is probably to start Controlling your food intake, and start EXERCISING!! Speak to a Dietitian or your doctor regarding the diet part. You can do it if you put your mind to it

  2. Diet Guidelines

    Blood Sugar Management

    Wal-Mart Testing Supplies

    One diabetic strategy is to consume very small low-carbohydrate meals about every 2 hours, with perhaps a sugar-free jello or pudding snack in between. Calculate approximate daily calorie consumption for weight loss objectives.

    Wal-Mart sells a 16-ounce bag of World Kitchens beef jerky for around $8.50 . . cut up and weigh 1-ounce portions. Jennie-O turkey franks (cut up and boil to reduce fat and sodium). String cheese sticks. 1-ounce portions of peanuts. Sam’s caffeine-free diet cola has zero carbs, calories, and sodium.

    Blend sugar-free pudding powder with water and low-carb (around 4 grams) vanilla yogurt instead of milk for 1/2 cup servings. For a sugar-free slushy, blend 1/2 cup vanilla pudding with around 1-1/4 cup A&W diet root beer and 6 ice cubes.

    Prepare 1/2 cup portions of sugar-free jello in 1-cup containers. If desired, sugar-free vanilla pudding can be added before chilling.

    Sugar-free chocolate pudding makes good fudge pops.

    Make sandwich rolls and small pizzas using low-carb tortillas.

    Wal-Mart sells round screw-together containers in the craft bead section which are suitable for take-along beef jerky and peanut 1-ounce portions. The large size measures approximately 2.50” inside diameter by .75” deep, and costs around $2.00 per assembly of 4 containers.

    Might also consider taking a daily multi-vitamin, and a 81mg aspirin (if not adverse).

  3. my daughtert has the same problem. she has been put on a very nutritious diet (so she has energy to exercise). but lo carbs, fats and sugar. she HAS to have five meals a day. and when she doesnt, she feels too tired to exercise. so make sure you eat a snack between your meals. In your condition, it is very very critical to buy a pedometer, and take 10,000 steps a day.

    i would strongly recommend going to a dietician for a customized plan. otherwise let me know, i will email you my daughters’ plans.

  4. There isn’t really a type 2 diabetes diet!! I personally favor South Beach Living phase 2 or Atkins phase 2 food plans. NOT the phase 1 of either one of these as it is too restrictive. I can live very happily with the phase 2. NOTE: I have eliminated some foods advised due to their glucose spiking actions in ME! We have to test foods to see what they do, like carrots will spike my glucose really high, even a few shreds in my salad.

    I much prefer the Spring Salad blend with tomatoes and a piece of some sort of meat. Baby spinach with tomatos is second choice to go with my piece of meat.

    Portion control is everything. 3 oz of meat per meal and unlimited salad with real dressing! A 3 oz portion of meat is like a chicken thigh! or a quarter pounder of uncooked ground beef! that is 4 oz uncooked which cooks down to usually 3 ozs.

    If I order a hamburger at the McD or elsewhere, I toss the top bun half. Burger and salad stuffs on it are great! the bottom half of the bun is one serving of bread! I also feed the french fries to my grandchildren who are so active they work them off in no time.

    I ask the waitress at restaurants to delete the potatoes from my plate and maybe could I have extra salad instead.

    At the Oriental Buffet the other night, I ate salad, the broccoli with nuts, and fried meats along with a serving of sweet and sour pork for my dessert! My glucose never went above 150!!

    Fried foods are not the evil some would have you believe. Fried foods are cooked in veggie oils that are set at 350+F so the oils do not penetrate the food. Any food that is saturated in cooking oils was boiled in it at around 200F!! That is not frying temperatures.

    Go to the library and check out South Beach Living book and read it!! You may be surprised.

    Check out for Glycemic Index of foods. It is a lot of reading to get to the index of foods, but you can see where David is coming to these conclusions from. Choose foods low on the Index or the Glycemic Load charts.

    I love apples. They have enough fiber and the tart ones like Granny Smith don’t have that much sugar in them. Half a medium apple is a good serving. I like them sliced with cream cheese dips or cheeses.

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