Diabetes and Old-School Support — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Kerri!
    I had a Snoopy who was green from all the food coloring that I injected into him (or her?!… no, him). To this day, I wish I had my green Snoopy. Don’t ever throw kitty away!

  2. hi! i have T1 diabetes too. im 14 and i was diagnosed dec of 08. and my first stay at the hospital (2 days total) i got a bear and i named is ginger cuz it was dressed in christmas clothes. i also have a bear that i have had for 6 years and i love him he was with me the whole 2 weeks of being “sick” before i was diagnosed. and i wanted to say that your videos really helped me deal with my diabetes 🙂 so thank you!

    love kayla. aka (my brother calls me) “diebie”

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