With diabetes rapidly spreading like an epidemic in an obesity-ridden USA, many people are seeking for approaches on how to treat diabetes naturally, as this metabolic disorder can prove to be life threatening. A sedentary way of life and the consumption of unhealthy foods are the most important factors why a individual develops insulin resistance.

If the thought of depending on insulin shots for life terrifies you, the high-quality news is that by producing suitable way of life modifications, it is doable to cure this illness naturally without having depending on medications. Here are some natural approaches to maintain your sugar levels in check:

andbull Marvelous magnesium: If you have a household history of diabetes or are pre-diabetic with blood sugar levels ranging among 100-125mg, you can acquire the answer to how to treat diabetes naturally by consuming foods wealthy in magnesium.

A current study published by the National Institute of Well being stated that consuming 300-400mg of magnesium everyday can support our bodies to generate and regulate insulin levels. Many people who eat magnesium wealthy foods are much less prone to creating this illness.

You can get your everyday dose of magnesium from green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach or by snacking on a handful of nuts like cashews or almonds. Oats and complete grains are other high-quality sources of magnesium.

andbull Fabulous fenugreek: Consuming about 90 gm of powdered fenugreek in a day can function wonders to control your sugar levels. Do not consume fenugreek along with any other medications and do not consume a great deal more than 100gm of fenugreek a day, or you might possibly really feel nauseated or suffer from a stomach upset. Pregnant girls should certainly consult their doctors ahead of consuming fenugreek.

andbull Comforting cinnamon: How to treat diabetes naturally Properly, you can replace your common cup of tea or coffee with cinnamon tea. Start off sprinkling cinnamon on your breakfast cereals and opt for cinnamon buns rather of common buns. A current investigation conducted by doctors in the US revealed that many people who consume cinnamon frequently in their diet plan show a reduction of just about 18% in their glucose levels and also witness an improvement in their triglyceride count. These are surely high-quality factors to incorporate this herb in your diet plan.

andbull Olive oil and apple cider vinegar: Attempt replacing your typical cooking oil with olive oil. This oil is a really good source of monosaturated fats and Omega three and Omega 6 fatty acids. The common use of this oil is helpful in curing this illness. Some naturopaths also suggest drinking two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar at ahead of bedtime to control blood sugar levels.

You would have identified the answer to the question how to treat diabetes naturally by reading the pointers above. Attempt these dwelling remedies and get your sugar levels checked continuously so that you can monitor no matter if your diabetes levels are in control.


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