Tackling Diabetes with Dr. Neal Barnard follows a program using a standard dietary three-rule system by first implementing the Dr Neal Barnard Vegan Diet: which eliminates all animal products (meat, poultry, fish and dairy) from one’s diet, second, a diet low in fat and third, by eating foods with a low glycemic index.

Dr Neal Barnard Recipes includes a treat for every season, a delicious everyday meal which features Salads, Sauces, desserts and even snacks. No matter what time or day it is you only have to find the recipe idea that will tantalize the taste buds of even the most discriminating gourmet.

It is said with time and dedication, it is possible to reverse diabetes (type 2) results can be very rewarding with less tiredness and better all round health. Reversing diabetes is an intervention that reduce dependency on type 2 diabetes medications, effectively reversing the progression of the illness.

Dr Neal Barnard Reverse Diabetes is a scientifically proven system for reversing diabetes without drugs. Dr Neal Barnard and the Greek physician Hippocrates both emphasize the important role of diet in illness prevention and treatment. Dr. Neal’s solution to battling disease, especially diabetes, is a low-fat vegan diet.

Dr Neal Barnard Vegan Diet was tested with real people to prove that the low-fat vegan regimen can reverse diabetes. In a series of studies researchers proved that the participants could improve their health by lowering blood sugar, increasing insulin sensitivity, and reducing or eliminating medications. All these benefits were achieved with no side effects.


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