Where can I find a web page about natural remedies for diabetes? — 8 Comments

  1. I’d do a search for “syndrome x,” or visit Dr. Mercola’s website and put diabetes in the search. Another good one is VitaSearch which lists all the clinical data on supplements/herbs that help with diabetes. I would also look into the glycemic index, as a way of understanding the true effect different foods have on this condition, and find out about Alpha Lipoic Acid, a natural cure/preventative for diabetic neuropathy, and sometimes called “nature’s insulin.” Good luck!

  2. I know something that may help you. it is based around a rare botanical called a Mangosteen. it is grown in South East Asia and has many different medicinal benefits. This Fruit has decades of scientific studies and research that have been done from medical universities from around the world, best of all it either equals or out performs a lot of over the counter and prescription drugs that are within our reach. Most importantly
    It is a Natural Alternative to Medication and has worked for thousands of not millions of people go here to view all the information and make your opinion based on what you see and hear! look at the other sources are below.

  3. First of all, your cousin needs to know if he/she is a Type I or a Type II diabetic. I have been a Type I diabetic for 45 years (was diagnosed at the age of 11). I require insulin to live because my pancreas makes NO insulin. If your cousin messes around with trying to find a “natural” cure when his/her pancreas is making NO insulin whatsoever, it could be trouble.

    Find a doctor that knows what he/she is doing (an endocrinologist) and follow a plan. Looking for a “natural” cure when your body needs insulin to metabolize food will spell TROUBLE and in the meantime the body will break down and coma can occur.

    Not being an alarmist…just know from experience.

  4. You can’t just start drinking Green Tea and join a meditating class and cure yourself of all your illness
    Natural remedies should never substitute real medicine
    Start by cutting back on all those candy bars and soft drinks
    Then get the blood sugar test and see if you need insulin

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