Health Care Stakeholder Discussion with Nancy-Ann DeParle — 8 Comments

  1. Only one physician in the room and not one patient present. Yet the future of medicine and health care rests on decisions made here!?

  2. 1H? And Youtube wont even let me upload an 11 minute video… You all suck!

  3. bborrinngg….. 1hr? i didnt even watch it, i started it so i can knock some sence into u, 1 hr!!!! WTF?

  4. i watched the whole thing, very intresting and im not even american nor do i live there. but this is very intresting

  5. I read the negatives and I say shhhsh! Find a way to develop yourself and then take a seat at the table. You only have a right to critique that which you have earnestly worked to become a part of for the better. Thanks to our President and this panel for their efforts, better or worse the discussion is valuable.

  6. watch dark secrets inside bohemian grove tell me there is nothing bad going on with the elites!

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