Can the cord blood of an infant be used to cure or treat type 1 diabetes in the infant’s mother? — 5 Comments

  1. The cord blood of an infant can not be used to cure or treat type 1 diabetes in the infant’s mother YET, but there is hope.

    (Cord blood can definitely be used by the mother, but there is just not YET a cure or treatment specifically for type 1 diabetes.)

    Cord Blood Registry has a page listing common misconceptions at
    and at the bottom of that page it says:
    “a clinical trial at the University of Florida is enrolling patients to evaluate cord blood stem cells to combat type-1 diabetes. Preliminary results are promising.”

    Just for the possibility that the cord blood could help your wife, your baby, or the child’s sibling someday seems reason enough to make the investment and privately bank the blood. It’s pricey, yes, but it’s a form of health insurance.

    If you do decide to bank, steer away from smaller companies that may go under given the current economic conditions and instead focus on and compare the major players, ViaCord and CBR.

    Also, don’t pay full price. Be sure to maximize your discounts. There’s a $250 coupon on other savings tips at

    Best wishes to your wife.

  2. the stem cell use in the case of Type1diabetes mother given birth recently —May not help since the stem cell can not regenerate the insulin secreting cells —-while the same cells of the type 2 may give some idea for Research

  3. This might be one of the findings of stem cell research, but that is a long ways off. Your wife needs to plan to have Type 1 for the rest of her life…we’ve all been waiting for that cure “right around the corner” for a very long time…

  4. This is NOT one of the “miracles” of cord blood.

    There is some promising research into using stem cells to cure Type 1 diabetes, but that work is still in its infancy, So far, diabetes has been cured with stem cells in a few lab rats. [ADULT stem cells were used, not embryonic stem cells] It is a LONG journey from lab rats to humans! IF this proves effective in humans, the testing, clinical trials, and FDA approval for treatment is still 20-30 years away.

  5. Sorry to say there is no cure for type 1 diabetes. Stem cell research is still a far way off from curing anything yet.

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