Jason Statham in “Diabetes” — 10 Comments

  1. I myself have diabetes and when I was diagnosed my sugars were over 400 and they said it was caught early. Besides you feel like total crap right before your diagnosed and even when are exercising your sugars are high because you have no other way of getting insulin and you have lots of un accounted for carbs. So I mean that would like most likely not happen

  2. @richardnixonisgod

    I was diagnosed at 25.0. When you excise your sugar raises for the first bit as your body burns off calories because you need the sugar for energy but you know that after that they drop depending on the workout for whatever amount of time.

  3. lol hes my favorite actor and its makin fun of my favorite movies with him in it

  4. @richardnixonisgod

    You can be with low blood sugar. There are people that play spots not knowing they have diabetes and go low, passing out. Waking up in hospital with someone telling them they have diabetes..

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