Diabetes blood test — 6 Comments

  1. wait..youve got asthma and diabetes…wow unlucky dude..and i thought i was unlucky having type 1 average was like 5.4% once lol..its usually quite low which can be dangerous also

  2. I have to go have a blood test on tuesday because they noticed my blood sugar levels were way out of whack when I was in hospital for asthma 🙁

  3. u no wot, just have to say if ur like me, the nhs will end up killing u. honestly, how many years have they been playing around with my diabetes? my dr even had the nerve to say to me “tell me what i should do?” DUH i have no idea otherwise do u think i’d b like this?! ppl on these programmes aren’t diabetic themselves so don’t appreciate how hard it is to sort out hence y u expect the nhs to know what they’re doing! *soz as u can tell things rn’t exactly going well*

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