Love Diabetes: 1 million people with $25 to CURE DIABETES — 10 Comments

  1. I have been a TRUE vegetarian for 12 years and also a TRUE diabetic that whole time. Sorry, nice thought though.

  2. the cost of subsidizing would be huge which is funded by tax payers. Ultimately the price for other drugs would increase so more subsidy would be needed or Walfren and Vytorin patients would have to pay more.
    This means gov’s play neutral or at best modest or selective to who they fund when it comes to funding any cure including type 1

  3. My little bro has it. It is hard for him. I love this video. we need to fing a cure for it!!!!!


  5. ( my little comment got cut in half sohere is the rest of it ) get it “walk to cure diabtes” ya walk away and leave that 400 grand in donations for us the JDRF the ADA is no better understand this its a business they dont want a cure go talk with your localgoverment people you already pay them with your tax mony if u really want a cure people

  6. Allie great video! One thing, I am type 1, have had it since I was one. I am now 22 years old. I love your video blogs, they keep me very much up to date with the diabetes world around me. At the end of your video you say that we want a cure, which is true, but there is more to it then want. We NEED a cure!!!! PLEASE SUPPORT DR. FAUSTMAN!!!

  7. Vegan can cure diabetes 1,2 but! if you eating potatoes and saing “im vegan”! – thats stupid, vegatables YES but not all of them, and of course some exercises, 100% cured i know that, i tryed 🙂

  8. Good Day Sweetheart. I have type I for 9 years. Everything works as well as new. Stop all that bulls..t on line. You are not doing very well on your own diabetes, your face looks swollen; you speak and blink too slow, which means that your brain is having a hard time. Seems like you have some chronic acidosis situation. Magical cures are great, but you have to eat 5 times a day and manage your own diabetes nowadays. Pull your socks up now. Get better.
    Happy New Year.

  9. May the JDRF burn in hell they are all about doantions its a business they make tonsof money off donations they do not want a cure people are stupid instead of talking to there local congressman or woman about a cure they think giving money to unkown people will get a cure

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