Coaching program for weight loss, type II Diabetes control — 3 Comments

  1. While I’m no lawyer I would recommend meeting with one to determine if there is any way to patent your program. You then need to document this program and begin to create some sort of ad campaign utilizing flyers and posters.

    As far as marketing ideas go you need to get a doctor or group of health professionals to back this plan. Once you have done that I suggest contacting all of the different types of Diabete foundations. Then start to inform doctor associations about this incredible new plan.

    What exactly is your goal with all this? I assume you would like to sell the plan?

    Here are some marketing tips on a budget:

    Until I know more of what you intend to do with this or how you anticipate to make money it is hard to recommend marketing techniques. Check out the source below for more business help.

  2. Get the doctor to endorse the program; market the program to hospitals, clinics and other facilities that are connected to weight loss (like diet/health food stores). Also, don’t be afraid to approach schools and universities. Set up your website and provide plenty of proof. Write a book.

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