Dr Whiting on Diabetes and Hypoglycemia — 10 Comments

  1. Diabetic diet is a recipe for obesity. People with hypoglycemia shoud not be eating the amount of bread and sugars that diet recommends. I recomment twice a week spelt wheat bread or rye bread if you have to eat bread.

  2. I must eat 1/3 of a banana being high glycemic an entire banana will sent me into a hypoglycemia spin with desire to cry, depression, nervousness, and behavioral changes- the same with cake from a mix. Gluten is not good or pasta two days in a row will make me sleepy. Grandma had it all her life.

  3. I had postprandial hypoglycemia.
    I still have it, but far less.

    I started chelation(mercury,copper) 2
    years ago with alpha lipoic acid.

    The mercury disrupts the balance
    in the body. Low zinc, high copper. Adrenal and thyroid function are affected big time.

    Your recommendations are good doctor, but the question is why is the body out of balance? Why are certain minerals deficient?

  4. Nutrient deficiencies occur as a result of many factors. First the soils on which our foods are grown have been missing essential trace minerals for over 70 years. Vitamins are lost due to harvesting before produce has ripened since vitamins form in foods during the final stages of growth. Further, processing of foods and the addition of preservatives and other chemicals break down many nutrients, such as in the canning or drying of foods.

  5. This video is right on. Only a few professionals really understand diabetes, “Atkins did, as does Dr. Bernstein. I wonder when mainstream medicine will finally admidt they are basically wrong and start to listen to these guys?? More diabetics die from the high sugar forming diets used by dieticians and doctors to ‘treat’ this problem than they do from the illness itself. They are eating themselves to death and don’t even know it.

  6. There is no evidence that these sweeteners can actually ’cause’ hypoglycemia. Stopping these may make you feel a bit better, but if you have clinical hypoglycemia you will need to follow a lower carbohydrate diet and we would also suggest key targeted nutrients to help lower insulin response. please call my office for further information. 1-888-454-8464

  7. Great News! My New Full Spectrum Capsules are Available for Shipping right now. They provide 120 Nutrients, more than any other vitamin.

  8. what if your skinny im skinny but feel hypoglycemic and have reactive hypoglycemia.

  9. Is it possible that I have “given myself” hypoglycemia by abusing Stevia and Erythriol for a 1.5 years? I fear that I have and do not know what to do. Would stopping cold turkey reverse things, or has the damage been done?

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